Are you a hero? Yup.

Dear Millennials, Changing the  world starts with changing your perspective. Opening your eyes, expanding your worldview, hearing the storms that rage in others’ lives, getting uncomfortable with the grayness of a world that so often doesn’t have answers. You all love answers. But the truth is that this world doesn’t provide them. You have to seek perspective … More Are you a hero? Yup.

Good Trouble

Dear Millennials, What is the most courageous thing you have ever done? What is the one thing that you knew took not only bravery and daring, but real mental strength? Have you ever asked that question of anyone else? Have you looked at the journey of a hero and wondered what it took to get … More Good Trouble

#Hashtags and Flags

Dear Millennials- Concepts and Symbols. Flags and Hashtags. This separates us so often that I have found myself discussing it with two of your own in the last week. Millennials flocked to the hashtag. It has become the craze of everything trendy and trending. It changes every day. The #hashtag promulgates concepts, irony, satire, commentary. … More #Hashtags and Flags

Open Rebellion…

Dear Millennials- I have listened to conversations, snippets of words and full sentences this week from several of you. There is a resounding note of confusion and apathy that I want to wash over in your voices. I wish I could sit with each of you and explain what you need to feel, how you … More Open Rebellion…

Keep Protesting.

Dear Millennials, I read a response last night that I want to share with you. It was from a fellow Southerner, a woman from the Baby Boomer generation. She is bothered by the protests and by those of you who are angry, and saying that at this very moment by lashing out. I will paraphrase … More Keep Protesting.