You have the power now, if you go get it.

Dear Millennials,

You are a voting block. You have so much more power than you know. What concerns me most is that you begin to realize your power and that you must step up and take it, not wait for it to come to you. You must take it. That’s one of the things that I learned about you all. Many of you have learned through example that you can wait and someone (a parent, mentor, teacher) will bring you something to be successful at. You have learned to excel when that is brought to you. Starting at a young age, you were brought soccer, books, electronics, dance, music, school… the list goes on. You received and you excelled. But it taught many of you to wait. this is not your fault. But I have been in many conversations where those older than you point at this behavior as a lack of initiative, as entitled, as spoiled – waiting on someone to bring you success. I have also spent many conversations explaining why we shouldn’t punish you for what you learned but instead, we encourage you act differently. To realize your power. This is that time. I am asking you NOT to wait. Because the influences are strong. I am sickened to see how many of your peers are flocking to the white supremacists’ agenda. It happened recently on an unnamed college campus. Your peers, younger than many of you certainly and the last of the Millennials before the Next Gen comes to age, proclaiming 100% support from the new KKK. But my experiences with you are such that I believe this is not usual for your group. You are by far, more tolerant, more used to diversity, less stigmatized by our media’s obsession (and our policies that obsess) with labeling us, identifying us merely by skin, ethnic, religious, or cultural buckets.

So I am writing to ask you to recognize your power, recognize the strength of your numbers and the power that exists in a voting block. Ever heard about how the South is the Bible Belt? How the South used to be Yellow Dog Democrats or how the South is now “Solid Red?” This is because someone, a group of someones, recognized the power of a voting block. Don’t believe me? Watch the movie, “All The Way.” It was an HBO original and it will scare the lights out of you. The time the parties swapped following the 1964 elections. Follow that with some research about the Moral Majority and the how they worked with the Republican Party in the late 70s-early 80s to create a voting block. I don’t have to tell you. I am asking you to go learn. I will also beg you to get your information from a news source or book that has nothing to gain by persuading you to their side. This is another truth of our time: always follow who benefits from having you lean their direction.

I am asking you all to arm yourselves with truth, with knowledge, with historical perspectives, and with the power of your peers. Speak loudly. Demand accountability. The reason we are here, in this confusing time, is that many, myself included, did not speak. We preferred the comfort of conformity to the discomfort of confrontation. I am asking you to forgive me for that. For waiting until this time to speak. I am asking that you work to speak in the place of those of us who couldn’t- who didn’t. Speak for your friends, your planet, your future. Speak loudly so that we cannot ignore you or dismiss you as entitled children. Learn, everything you can, particularly about the “Other Side.” Learn to recognize bias, learn to see who would leverage something against you so fiercely that you will sacrifice anything else to follow them. Follow the money and the profit trail. Ask yourselves who benefits from my vote? From my loyalty? And if the person, or that idea, or that concept doesn’t fit into the idea of the world that you know you want- the world I have seen you all demonstrate- then speak up and walk the hell out.

Take over the world, my Millennials.

We need you now.

I love you so-


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